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André Heck
Astrophysics and Space Science Library
Organizations and Strategies in Astronomy, w. CD-ROM. Vol.5

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This book is the fifth volume under the title Organizations and Strategies in Astronomy (OSA). These OSA Books are intended to cover a large range of fields and themes. In practice, one could say that all aspects of astronomy-related life and environment are considered in the spirit of sharing specific expertise and lessons learned.

This book offers a unique collection of chapters dealing with socio-dynamical aspects of the astronomy (and related space sciences) community: characteristics of organizations, strategies for development, operational techniques, observing practicalities, educational policies, public outreach, publication studies, research communication, evaluation procedures, research indicators, national specificities, contemporary history, and so on.

The experts contributing to this book have done their best to write in a way understandable to readers not necessarily hyperspecialized in astronomy while providing specific detailed information and sometimes enlightening ‘lessons learned’ sections. The book concludes with an updated bibliography of publications related to socio-astronomy and to the interactions of the astronomy community with the society at large.

This book will be most usefully read by researchers, teachers, editors, publishers, librarians, sociologists of science, research planners and strategists, project managers, public-relations officers, plus those in charge of astronomy-related organizations, as well as by students aiming at a career in astronomy or related space science.

The book includes a CD-ROM containing the visionary and fascinating work of L. Pesek as a space artist.

Table of contents
  • Editorial
    A. Heck.
  • Astronomy in Antarctica
    M.G. Burton.
  • Optical Astronomy in Post-Apartheid South Africa: 1994 to 2004
    P.A. Whitelock.
  • The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC): Its Role in Leading the Development of Spanish Astrophysics
    F. Sanchez.
  • The Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes from a Historic Perspective
    R. Rutten and J. Mendez.
  • Astronomy in Ireland
    E.J.A. Meurs.
  • Switzerland towards ESA end ESO: Diversity, Perseverance, and Diplomacy
    An Interview with Marcel Golay.
  • Observing in Service Mode: The Experience at the European Southern Observatory
    F. Comeron.
  • The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS)
    W.R. Dick and B. Richter.
  • Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology in the Max Planck Society
    J. Trumper.
  • Statistics on Women in the IAU Membership
    S. Debarbat.
  • The A&A Experience with Impact Factors
    A. Sandqvist.
  • The Public Impact of the Hubble Space Telescope: A Case Study
    C.A. Christian.
  • Astronomy for Blind and Visually-Impaired People
    N.A. Grice.
  • Popularization of Astronomy in the Netherlands
    C. de Jager.
  • Ludek Pesek's Role as Space Artist
    N. Cramer.
  • Ruminations on the Evolving Universe and a Creator God
    G.V. Coyne.
  • Updated Bibliography of Socio-Astronomy.

Springer Netherlands, 2004, 318 S.
160,45 Euro
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