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Geoffrey Burbidge, Fred Hoyle, Jayant V. Narlikar
A Different Approach to Cosmology
From a Static Universe through the Big Bang towards Reality

This is a different kind of book about cosmology, a field of major interest to professional astronomers, physicists, and the general public.

All research in cosmology adopts one model of the universe, the hot big bang model. But Fred Hoyle, Geoffrey Burbidge and Jayant Narlikar take a different approach. Starting with the beginnings of modern cosmology, they then conduct a wide ranging and deep review of the observations made from 1945 to the present day. Here they challenge many conventional interpretations. The latter part of the book presents the authors’ own account of the present status of observations and how they should be explained. The controversial theme is that the dependency on the hot big bang model has led to an unwarranted rejection of alternative cosmological models.

Writing from the heart, with passion and punch, these three cosmologists make a powerful case for viewing the universe in a different light.

Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Early relativistic cosmology
  • 3. The observational revolution
  • 4. The observational trail 1931, the determination of H0 and the age dilemma
  • 5. Changing times 1945-1965: New techniques and new people
  • 6. The extension of the redshift apparent magnitude diagram to faint galaxies 1956-1995
  • 7. The classical steady state cosmological model and its observational tests
  • 8. The cosmic microwave background, an historical account
  • 9. The origin of the light elements
  • 10. A new primordial calculation of Y and D/H
  • 11. The new observational evidence and its interpretation: (a) quasi-stellar objects and redshifts
  • 12. The new observational evidence and its interpretation: (b) ejection phenomena and energetics
  • 13. Modern Friedmann cosmology
  • 14. Standard cosmology
  • 15. New cosmological models
  • 16. The observational evidence explained in terms of the quasi-steady state model
  • 17. The intrinsic redshift problem
  • 18. Creation centers and black holes
  • 19. Modern observations of faint galaxies and related objects
  • 20. Large scale distribution of matter
  • 21. A brief account of the radiation fields in the universe: the observations and their interpretation
  • 22. Summary
  • 23. Some unsolved problems


"Fred Hoyle is one of the most famous living astronomers in Britain. This is not only because he wrote excellent popular books and gave inspirational radio broadcasts, but also because of a wilful determination to court controversy, pronouncing on viruses from space, or airing allegations about faked fossils. But it is astrophysics and cosmology for which he was first known. He made fundamental contributions to astrophysics ... Hoyle also played a prominent role in the development of the steady state theory ... he has teamed up with two erstwhile colleagues to review the filed in which he cut his scientific teeth.’"
(New Scientist)

Cambridge University Press, 2000, 370 S.
45,20 Euro
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