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Multiwavelength Cosmology

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The recent scientific efforts in Astrophysics & Cosmology have brought a revolution to our understanding of the Cosmos. Amazing results is the outcome of amazing experiments! The huge scientific, technological & financial effort that has gone into building the 10-m class telescopes as well as many space and balloon observatories, essential to observe the multitude of cosmic phenomena in their manifestations at different wavelengths, from gamma-rays to the millimetre and the radio, has given and is still giving its fruits of knowledge.

These recent scientific achievements in Observational and Theoretical Cosmology were presented in the "Multiwavelength Cosmology" conference that took place on beautiful Mykonos island in the Aegean between 17 and 20 June 2003. More than 180 Cosmologists from all over the world gathered for a four-day intense meeting in which recent results from large ground based surveys (AAT/2-df, SLOAN) and space missions (WMAP, Chandra, XMM, ISO, HST) were presented and debated, providing a huge impetus to our knowledge of the Cosmos.

The future of the subject (experiments, and directions of research) was also discussed. The conference was devoted mostly on the constraints on Cosmological models and galaxy formation theories that arise from the study of the high redshift Universe, from clusters of galaxies, and their evolution, from the cosmic microwave background, the large-scale structure and star-formation history.

Table of contents
  • Optical Wavelengths.
    Deep Redshift Surveys: the VIMOS VLT Deep Survey; O. LeFevre, et al. Cosmology and Galaxy Formation from the NHDF; R.I. Thompson. The End of the Dark Ages; N. Panagia, et al. The Lenses Structure and Dynamics Survey; L.V.E. Koopmans, T. Treu. Searches for High Redshift Galaxies Using Gravitational Lensing; J. Richard, et al. The 2nF QSO Redshift Survey; P.J. Outram, et al. The Rest-frame UV Spectra of Star-forming Galaxies; A.E. Shapley, et al. 8 Additional Articles.
  • Microwave Wavelengths.
    Recent CMB Observations; E.L. Wright. New Results and Current Work with the CBI; B.S. Mason. The Galactic Dust as a Foreground to Cosmic Microwave Background Maps; X. Dupac, et al. Neutrino Physics in the Light of WMAP; A. Pierpaoli. Archeops: an Instrument for Present and Future Cosmology; M. Tristram, et al.
  • Radio/Sub-mm Wavelengths.
    The High-z-submillimetre Universe; D. Hughes. Deep NIR Imaging of Sub-mm Galaxies; N.A. Reddy, et al. Simulating the High-z-Universe in the Sub-mm; E.van Kampen. Bayesian Photometric Redshifts of mm Galaxies; E.L. Chapin, et al. The Phoenix Deep Survey; A.M. Hopkins, et al. A Physical Model for the Joint Evolution of QSOs and Spheroids; G.L. Granato, et al. The Local Sub-mm Luminosity Functions; S. Serjeant, D. Harrison. Multicolour Photometry of the VIRMOS-VLA Radio Sources; P. Ciliegi, et al. 4 Additional Articles.
  • Infra-Red Wavelengths.
    Galaxy Evolution in the IR and the Promise of SIRTF; C.J. Lonsdale. SWIRE: the SIRTF Wide-area InfraRed Extragalactic Survey; H.E. Smith, C.J. Lonsdale. Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Survey (SXDS); K. Sekiguchi, et al. Dusty Starbursts and Growth of Cosmic Structure; D. Elbaz, E. Moy. Final Analysis of ELAIS 15 &mgr;m Fields; M. Vaccari, et al. The Nature and Evolution of the MIR Galaxies; F. La Franca, et al. Properties of a Large Sample of EROs; A. Stephane.
  • Simulations and Theory.
    Cosmology with Clusters of Galaxies; S. Borgani. Structure Formation in Dynamical Dark Energy Models; A.V. Macciò, et al. SPH Simulations of Galaxy Clusters; G. Yepes, et al. X-ray Cluster Properties with SPH; I. Valdarnini. Magnetic Fields in Galaxy Clusters; K. Dolag. Formation of Globular Clusters; O.Y. Gnedin. Primeval Galaxies; D. Schaerer. 3 Additional Articles.
  • X-Ray Wavelengths.
    Cosmological Constraints from X-ray Observations of Galaxy Clusters; S.W. Allen. On the Intracluster Medium in Clusters; A. Babul, et al. Cosmological Constraints from Cluster Evolution; A. Vikhlinin, et al. X-ray Observations of DLS Clusters; J.P. Hughes, et al. Cosmology with XMM SHARC Clusters; A. Blanchard, et al. Constraints on the Dark Matter Self-interaction Cross-section; M. Markevitch, et al. Scaling Laws in X-ray Galaxy Clusters at Redshift > 0.4; S. Ettori, et al. 8 Additional Articles.
  • Future Missions.
    ESA's Future High-Energy Astronomy Programme; A.N. Parmar. Probing IGM Reionization through the 21 cm Radiation; B. Ciardi.
  • Summary.
    Concluding Remarks; P.J.E. Peebles. Open Talk. Ionian Philosophers and Greek Cosmology; N.K. Spyrou.
  • List of Participants.

Springer Netherlands, 2004, 358 S.
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