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David G. Schrunk
The Moon
Resources, Future Development and Colonization

In the past five years, there has been growing interest in the idea of an immediate return to the Moon, and its development as a platform for science, industrialization and exploration of our Solar System and beyond. This book describes the reasons why we should now return to lunar development and settlement, and how this goal may be accomplished.

In The Moon: Resources, Future Development and Colonization, the authors consider the rationale and steps necessary for establishing permanent bases on the Moon. Their innovative and scientific-based analysis concludes that the Moon has sufficient resources for large-scale human development. Their case for development includes arguments for a solar-powered electric grid and railroad, creation of a utilities infrastructure, habitable facilities, scientific operations and the involvement of private enterprise with the public sector in the macroproject.

By transferring and adapting existing technologies to the lunar environment, it will be possible to use lunar resources and solar power to build a global lunar power-communication-transportation-manufacturing infrastructure. This will support the migration of increasing numbers of people from Earth, and realization of the Moon’s scientific potential. As an inhabited world, the Moon will become a centre for Solar System exploration, human settlement, and exploitation of the resources of near-Earth objects. The development on the Moon of an ‘off-Earth economy’ will result in substantial benefits on our home planet.

Readership: Undergraduate and postgraduate students in astronautics, space science, life sciences, space engineering and technology. Professional space scientists, engineers and technologists in space projects, and those interested in the future human space programme and exploitation of Solar System resources. Space enthusiasts with a particular interest in the future development and colonization of the Moon.

Table of Contents
  • Lunar Origins and Physical Features
  • Science Opportunities - Engineering Challenges
  • Lunar Resources
  • Lunar Logistics
  • Mining and Manufacturing
  • Circumferential Lunar Utilities
  • Governance of the Moon
  • The Mission to the South Pole
  • Colonization of the Moon
  • Exploration of Space from the Moon
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices:
    • A. The Clementine Mission to the Moon
    • B. Lunar Regolith Properties
    • C. Lunar Soil Simulation
    • D. Examples of In-suti Resource Utilization (ISRU)
    • E. Proposed Processes for Lunar Oxygen Extraction
    • F. Facilitating Space Commerce through a Lunar Economic Development Authority
    • G. Lunar Government: Lawmaking Standards
    • H. Helium-3
    • I. NASA and Self-replicating Systems: Implications for Nanotechnology
    • J. Human Factors
    • K. Maglev Trains and Mass Drivers
    • L. Development of the Lunar Economy
    • M. Lunar Mysteries
    • N. Milestones of Lunar Development
    • O. Benefits to Earth of Lunar Development
    • P. Cislunar Orbital Environment Maintenance
    • Q. Siting the Millenial Time Capsule
    • R. Ice on the Moon
    • S. MALEO: Modular Assembly in Low Earth Orbit
    • T. Logistics for the Nomad Explorer Assembly Assist Vehicle

Wiley & Sons, 1999, 466 S.
109,00 Euro
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