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Peter Caselli, M. S. Nanda Kumar, M. Tafalla
Cores to Clusters
Star Formation with Next Generation Telescopes

Towards the second half of this decade several major telescope facilities operating in the infrared submillimeter and millimeter wave bands will become operational.

These missions are expected to throw much light on our understanding of the the star formation phenomenon, which is addressed as one of the primary science goals in these wave bands. This book is the proceedings of the "Cores to Clusters" workshop held at Centro de Astrofisica da Universidade do Porto during 7 - 9 October, 2004 to discuss current and future issues in star formation physics in the light of these Next Generation Telescopes.

Table of contents
  • Physical Structure of Star Forming Regions
  • Chemical Processes In Star Forming Regions
  • Theory of Star Formation
  • Initial Conditions of Star Formation: General Review
  • Starless Cores
  • Jets and AMBER
  • Disks & ALMA
  • Formation & Evolution of Planetary Systems:Placing our Solar System in Context
  • Theory of Massive Star Formation
  • Precursors to UCHII Regions
  • Disks Around Massive Stars
  • Clustered Star Formation: Theory
  • Embedded Clusters
  • Structure of Star Forming Clouds
  • Gravo-Turbulent Fragmentation
  • IMF, Disks Around Brown Dwarfs
  • Pre-Main-Sequence Evolution and Brown Dwarfs
  • Beyond the Solar Vicinity
  • Brown Dwarfs
  • Formation of Brown Dwarfs
  • Infrared Studies of Massive Stars
  • Massive Protostars & Small Proto-clusters
  • ALMA

Springer Berlin, 2005, 216 S.
128,35 Euro
Hardcover, w. 30 b&w figs, 10 ill. in duotone and 20 drawings
ISBN: 978-0-387-26322-9

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