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Gianluigi Bodo, Silvano Massaglia, Paola Rossi
Virtual Astrophysical Jets

The peculiar and important characteristic of this book is to present numerical simulations and models of both stellar and extragalactic jets, together with review papers outlining the state-of-the-art of the observations of jets.

In fact, other books on jets deal either with stellar jets or extragalactic jets separately but are lacking, until now, a more global view. The authors of these contributions are among the most active scientists in the field of theoretical interpretation of the astrophysical jets phenomenology.

The book is intended for readers that are carrying out research in the fields of accretion and outflow phenomena in astrophysics, star formation, Active Galactic Nuclei, computational fluid dynamics and magneto-hydrodynamics applied to astrophysics.

Table of contents
  • Foreword. Committee and Sponsors. List of Participants.
  • Session 1: Setting the stage:
    observations and interpretations. G. Giovannini / Observational Properties of Jets in Active Galactic Nuclei. A. Ferrari / AGN Jet Modeling: Setting the Stage. A.C. Raga, T. Beck and A. Riera / Interpreting the Observations of Herbig-Haro Jets. F. Bacciotti / Virtual versus Real Jets: New Clues from the HST. C. Dougados, S. Cabrit, J. Ferreira, N. Pesenti, P. Garcia, D. O'Brien / The Origin of Jets in Young Stars: Steady State Disk Wind Models Confronted to Observations.
  • Session 2: The disk-jet connection:
    launching and collimation. K. Tsinganos, N. Vlahakis, S.V. Bogovalov, C. Sauty and E. Trussoni / Steady and Time-dependent MHD Modelling of Jets. N. Vlahakis / The Efficiency of the Magnetic Acceleration in Relativistic Jets. C. Sauty, Z. Meliani, E. Trussoni and K. Tsinganos / MHD Outflows from Hot Coronae. J. Ferreira / Virtual Jets: from Self-similar to Numerical Solutions. F. Casse / MHD Accretion-ejection Flows. C. Zanni, A. Ferrari, S. Massaglia, G. Bodo, P. Rossi / On the MHD Acceleration of Astrophysical Jets. S. Komissarov and Y. Lyubarsky / MHD Simulations of Crab's Jet and Torus.
  • Session 3: Jet propagation and stability. P.E. Hardee
    The Stability Properties of Astrophysical Jets. H. Baty, R. Keppens and P. Comte / How Can Jets Survive MHD Instabilities? J.M. Martí, M. Perucho and M. Hanasz / Stability of Relativistic Hydrodynamical Planar Jets: Linear and Nonlinear Evolution of Kelvin-Helmholtz Modes. P. Rossi, G. Bodo, S. Massaglia, A. Ferrari and A. Mignone / Entrainment and Deceleration of Relativistic Jets. T. Leismann, M.A. Aloy and E. Müller / MHD Simulations of Relativistic Jets. P. Mimica, M.A. Aloy and E. Müller / Computation of X-ray Blazar Light Curves using RHD simulations. F. Decolle and A.C. Raga / Effects of the Magnetic Field on the Ha Emission from Jets. F. Rubini, C. Giovanardi, S. Lorusso, F. Leewin and F. Bacciotti / Properties of Knots in Cooling Stellar Jets. A. Rogava / Are Astrophysical Shear Flows Able to Heat Themselves?
  • Session 4: Numerical simulations:
    Codes and their validation. A. Mignone, S. Massaglia and G. Bodo / Astrophysical Jet Simulations: Comparing Different Numerical Methods. L. Del Zanna / Axisymmetric Simulations of Pulsar Wind Nebulae with a New Central-type Scheme for Relativistic MHD. R. Keppens, H. Baty, J. Bergmans and F. Casse / Simulating Magnetized Jets. M. Belan, S. De Ponte, S. Massaglia and D. Tordella / Experiments and Numerical Simulations on the Mid-term Evolution of Hypersonic Jets.
  • Session 5: Jet-ambient interaction. P.J. Wiita
    Jet Propagation through Irregular Media and the Impact of Lobes on Galaxy Formation. G. Bodo, C. Zanni, G. Murante, P. Rossi, S. Massaglia and A. Ferrari / Numerical Simulations of the Interaction of Jets with the Intracluster Medium. M. Krause / Large Scale Simulations of the Jets-IGM Interaction. T. Lery, C. Combet and G. Murphy / The Environment of YSO Jets.

Kluwer Academic Publishing, 2005, 270 S.
112,35 Euro
ISBN: 978-1-4020-0092-8

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