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Lev I. Dorman
Astrophysics and Space Science Library
Cosmic Rays in the Earth's Atmosphere and Underground

This book consists of four parts. In the first part (Chapters 1-4) a full overview is given of the theoretical and experimental basis of Cosmic Ray (CR) research in the atmosphere and underground for Geophysics and Space Physics; the development of CR research and a short history of many fundamental discoveries, main properties of primary and secondary CR, methods of transformation of CR observation data in the atmosphere and underground to space, and the experimental basis of CR research underground and on the ground, on balloons and on satellites and space probes.

The second part (Chapters 5-9) is devoted to the influence of atmospheric properties on CR, so called CR meteorological effects; pressure, temperature, humidity, snow, wind, gravitation, and atmospheric electric field effects. The inverse problem - the influence of CR properties on the atmosphere and atmospheric processes is considered in the third part (Chapters 10-14); influence on atmospheric, nuclear and chemical compositions, ionization and radio-wave propagation, formation of thunderstorms and lightning, clouds and climate change.

The fourth part (Chapters 15-18) describes many realized and potential applications of CR research in different branches of Science and Technology; Meteorology and Aerodrome Service, Geology and Geophysical Prospecting, Hydrology and Agricultural Applications, Archaeology and Medicine, Seismology and Big Earthquakes Forecasting, Space Weather and Environment Monitoring/Forecasting.

The book ends with a list providing more than 1,500 full references, a discussion on future developments and unsolved problems, as well as object and author indices. This book will be useful for experts in different branches of Science and Technology, and for students to be used as additional literature to text-books.

Table of contents
  • Preface. Acknowledgments. Frequently used Abbreviations and Notations.
  • Part 1: Cosmic Rays As An Object Of Research And As A Research Instrument.
    Preface to Part 1. 1. Cosmic Rays as an Object of Research. 2. Secondary CR Underground and in the Atmosphere. 3. Coupling Functions, Integral Multiplicities, and Inverse Transformations. 4. Experimental Basis of Cosmic Ray Research.
  • Part 2: Influence Of The Changing Atmosphere On Cosmic Rays (Meteorological Effects).
    Preface to Part 2. 5. Theory of Cosmic Ray Meteorological Effects for Measurements in the Atmosphere and Underground (One-Dimensional Approximation). 6. Experimental Investigations of Cosmic Ray Snow, Wind and Barometric Effects. 7. Experimental Investigations of Cosmic Ray Temperature and Humidity Effects. 8. Atmospheric Electric Field Effects in Cosmic Rays. 9. Development of the Theory and Methods of Determination of Cosmic Ray Variations of Atmospheric Origin.
  • Part 3: Cosmic Ray Influence On The Atmosphere And Atmospheric Processes.
    Preface to Part 3. 10. Nuclear Reactions of Cosmic Rays with Ground, Water, and Air Atoms; Production of Cosmogenic Nuclides. 11. Cosmic Ray Influence on Atmospheric Electric Field and Thunderstorms, Global Earth's Charge and Global Electric Current. 12. Air Ionization by CR, Influence on the Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation. 13. Cosmic Ray Influence on the Chemical Processes in the Atmosphere and Formation of Ozone Layer. 14. Cosmic Ray Influence on Planetary Cloud-Covering and Long-Term Climate Change.
  • Part 4: Applications Of Cosmic Ray Research.
    Preface to Part 4. 15. The Application of the Inverse Problem: Determination of Atmospheric Conditions by Data on Cosmic Ray Meteorological Effects. 16. Meteorological Effects Application to Cosmic Ray Latitude Survey Data Processing. 17. Applications of the Radiocarbon Coupling Function Method to Investigations of Planetary Mixing and Exchange Processes; Influence of H-Bomb Explosions on the Environment; Cosmic Ray Variations in the Past. 18. Potential and Realized Applications of Cosmic Ray Research in Science and Technology.
  • Conclusion and Problems.

Kluwer Academic Publishing, 2004, 862 S.
187,30 Euro
ISBN: 978-1-4020-2071-1

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