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David L. Block, Elizabeth K. Block, Kenneth C. Freeman, Robert Groess, Ivanio Puerari
Astrophysics and Space Science Library
Penetrating Bars through Masks of Cosmic Dust - The Hubble Tuning Fork strikes a New Note

The country: South Africa. The period: early 1960s. Billions of snowflakes fell to the ground. Why is the snowflake six cornered, asked Kepler? To each researcher, there is the mystery of 'the thing itself'.

South Africa. Some forty years later. 'The thing itself' is the subject of an International Conference held in the Pilanesberg National Park, attended by over 80 astronomers. The subject: the bar phenomenon. Why bars? Of all the spiral galaxies in our local Universe, over three quarters of them show elongated structures called 'bars'. Masks of cosmic dust have, in a very real sense, kept us in a scientific dark age about the true nature of bars: a cosmic fog has kept a large part of the story of the bar phenomenon untold. The story unfolds in this volume. How long lived is the ever pervasive 'bar phenomenon'? Do spiral galaxies experience bar duty cycles, presenting to us three to four bars during one Hubble time? The world of masks: the duality of spiral structure.

In this volume, containing 20 in-depth review articles and over 75 invited papers and poster-papers, the reader can focus on the Chemical and Mass Masks of the Milky Way, morphological differences between galaxies in the early Universe and today, bar fraction as a function of look-back time, evolved stellar disks at high redshift, gravitational torques of bars, outer rings of carbon stars as evidence for continual gas accretion in spiral disks - and much more.

Unique features of this volume include masterful historical insights from Dr. Allan Sandage on the role of Sir James Jeans, the inclusion of a 90-minute panel discussion (transcribed from tape), the J. Mayo-Greenberg Lecture (delivered by Jean-Loup Puget) and a keynote address of chaos in spiral galaxies, presented by the co-founder of the density-wave theory, F.H. Shu. The year 2004 marks the 40th anniversary since the publication of the Lin-Shu paper in 1964. 'The thing itself' ...its form, its structure, its origin...intrigued Husserl; to us, the bar phenomenon demands the attention of the greatest observers and theoreticians of our age, today. Read their thoughts and explore their mind-sets in this conference volume, exceeding over 850 pages in length.

Table of contents
  • The Editors - Preface
  • A Tribute to Cosmic Dust Pioneer J. Mayo Greenberg; D.L. Block
  • The Hubble Tuning Fork Strikes a New Note; D.L. Block et al
  • Episodes in the Development of the Hubble Galaxy Classification; A. Sandage
  • Secular Evolution Versus Hierarchical Merging: Galaxy Evolution along the Hubble-sequence in the Fields and Rich Environments; F. Combes
  • Dense Gas and Star Formation in Bars; S. Huttemeister
  • On the Origin of S0 Galaxies; U.-Fritze v. Alvensleben
  • Gravitational Bar Torques in the Spiral/S0 Divide; R. Buta
  • Direct Measurement of Pattern Speeds In Double-Barred SB0's; E.M. Corsini et al
  • Gas Flows, Star Formation and Galaxy Evolution; J.E. Beckman et al
  • Bar-Driven Evolution and 2D Spectroscopy of Bulges; M. Bureau et al
  • Bar-Driven Fueling of Galactic Nuclei: a 2D view; E. Emsellem
  • Dust Penetrated Arm Classes: Insight form Rising and Falling Rotation Curves; M.S. Seigar, D.L. Block, I. Puerari
  • Bar Dissolution and Reformation Mechanisms; F. Bournaud, F. Combes
  • Dynamics of Doubly Barred Galaxies
  • also with the Inner Bar Retrograde; W. Maciejewski
  • A Coordinated Episode of AGB Star Production at Large Galactocentric Distances in the Andromeda Galaxy; G. Worthey
  • Fuelling Starbursts and AGN; J.H. Knapen
  • Penetrating Dust Tori in AGN; G. Canalizo et al
  • Bars from the Inside Out: An HST Study of their Dusty Circumnuclear Regions; P. Martini
  • Morphology of Bar and Spiral Modes: do they relate? P.J. Grosbol
  • Bar Formation by Galaxy-Galaxy Interactions; M. Noguchi Triggering AGN's
  • Interactions or Bars? J.Lim et al
  • Triggered Star Formation: from Large to Small Scales; J. Palous, J. Jachym, E. Ehlerova
  • Investigation of Age and Metallicity Gradients in Spiral Galaxies; B. Cunow
  • Secular Evolution and the Growth of Pseudobulges in Disk Galaxies; J. Kormedy, M.E. Cornell
  • Bars and Lences in Spiral Galaxies: Clues for Secular Evolution; L.K. Hunt
  • C. Giovanardi, M.A. Malkan
  • Evolution and Impact of Bars over the last nine Gyr: Early Results from GEMS; S.Jogee et al
  • First Phylogenetic Analysis of Galaxy Evolution; D. Fraix-Burnet
  • A Unified Picture of Disk Galaxies where Bars
  • Spirals and Warps Result from the Same Fundamental Causes; D. Pfenninger, Y. Revez
  • On the Generation of the Hubble Sequence trough an Internal Secular Dynamical Process; X. Zhang
  • The Angular Momentum Problem and the Formation of Bulgeless Galaxies; E. D'Onghia, A. Burkert
  • Disks Evolution in a Cosmological Framework; A. Curir, P. Mazze, G. Murante
  • Galaxy Formation and the Cosmological Angular Momentum Problem; A.M. Burkert, E. D'Onghia
  • The Problems with Galaxy Formation; G. Lake
  • The Interplay between Bars and Dark Matter Halos; K. Holley-Bockelmann
  • Resent Results from the Spitzer Space Telescope: A New View of Galaxy Morphology and Classification; G.G. Fazio et al
  • Using Bars as Signposts of Galaxy Evolution at High and Low Redshifts; K. Sheth et al
  • The VIMOS VLT Deep Survey: Redshift Distribution of a IAB > 24 Sample and the Effect of Environment on Galaxy Evolution; O. Le Fevre et al
  • An HST AOS/WFC Ha Imaging Survey of Nearby Galaxies; R.A. Jansen
  • HST Mid-UV Imaging of Nearby Galaxies; R.A. Windhorst, V.A. Taylor, R.A. Jansen
  • Bulges, Disks and Kinematics of Galaxies at z ~ 1; D.C. Koo
  • Fourier Decomposition of Galaxies; S.C. Odewahn
  • The Evolutionary Status of Clusters of Galaxies at z ~ 1; H. Ford et al
  • Distant z>2 Protoclusters and their Galaxies; G. Miley et al
  • The Galaxy Structure
  • Redshift Relationship; C.J. Conselice
  • The Cosmic Background: Evolution of Infrared Galaxies and Dust Properties. A lecture Dedicated to the Memory of Mayo Greenberg; J.-L. Puget, G. Lagache, H. Dole
  • The Physical Evolution of Mass and Dust in Distant Galaxies; B. Rocca-Wolmarange
  • The Warm, Cold and Very Cold Dusty Universe; A. Li
  • Turbulence and Galactic Structure; B.G. Elmegreen
  • Chaos in Spiral Galaxies; F.H. Shu, S. Chakrabarti, G. Laughlin
  • Obtaining Statistics of Turbulent Velocity from Astrophysical Spectral Line Data; A. Lazarian
  • Estimating Power Spectra of Galaxy Structure: Can Statistics Help? P.B. Stark
  • From z>6 to z~2: Unearthing Galaxies at the Edge of the Dark Ages; G. Illingsworth, L. Bouwens
  • Masks in the Milky Way; K.C. Freeman
  • The Hierarchical Formation of the Galactic Disk; J.F. Navarro
  • The SINGS view of Barred Galaxies; M.W. Reagan et al
  • Quantifying Bar Strength: Morphology Meets Methodology; P.B. Eskridge
  • Estimation of Bar Strengths from nearby IR Images; H. Salo, E. Laurikainen, R. Buta
  • Bar Strengths Measured for the OSUBGS sample: active vs non-active galaxies; E. Laurikanen, H. Salo, R. Buta
  • Globular Clusters: Galactic and Internal Motions; I. King
  • Evolution of Self-Gravitating Gas Disks Driven by a Rotating Bar Potential C. Yuan, D.C.C. Yen
  • Stellar Disk Truncations: Where do we stand? M. Pohlen et al
  • On the unification of Dwarf and Giant Elliptical Galaxies; A.W. Graham, R. Gizman
  • Photodissociation and the morphology of HI in Galaxies; R.J Allen
  • The True H2 Content of Spiral Galaxies; F. Boulanger
  • X-Ray Perspective of Early Type Galaxies; D.-W. Kim
  • Spiral Arm Star Formation in Barred Galaxies; S. Baes-Fischlmair et al
  • Galaxy Types and Luminosity Functions in the Soan Digital Sky Survey using Artificial Neural Networks; N.M. Ball, J. Loveday
  • Globular Cluster Systems and Supermassive Galactic Black Holes; R. Capuzzo-Dolcetta
  • Pseudobulges in Barred S0 Galaxies; P. Erwin, J.E. Beckman, J.-C. Vega-Beltran
  • Bar and Spiral Torques in the Triangulum Galaxy M33; R. Groess, D.L. Block, I. Puerari
  • Bar Parameters from Ha Observations; O. Hernández et al
  • Molecular Gas in Classical Elliptical Radio Galaxies; J. Lim et al
  • Bars and Dust Multi Wavelength Maps of Simulations of Galaxy Formation; P. Mazzel, A. Curir
  • How Barred is the NIR Nearby Universe? An Analysis using 2MASS; K. Menendez-Delmestre et al
  • Truncation of Stellar Disks at high Redshift; J. Perez
  • Is there a Large Stellar Bar in the LSB Galaxy UGC7321? M. Pohlen, M. Balcells, L.D. Matthews
  • Spiral structure of the Milky Way: The state of Affairs; T. Steiman-Cameron, M. Wolfire, D. Hollenbach
  • Uncovering Morphology from dust: a NIR View of the Interacting Galaxy Pair NGC5394/95; M. Valdez-Gutiérrez, I. Puerari, I. Hernández-López
  • SCUBA Local Universe Galaxy Survey; V. Vlahakis, S. Eales, L. Dunne
  • How JWST can measure First Light. Reionization and Galaxy Assembly; R.A. Windhorst, H. Yan
  • High Resolution Velocity Fields in the Strongly Barred Galaxy NGC 1530; A. Zurita et al
  • Panel Discussion -Closing Conference Thoughts by Vera Rubin
  • The Noblest Scientific Problem of the Age: Perspectives on the Transit of Venus 1882 and 2004; W. Sheehan
  • Description of the Commemorative Medallion
  • Struck to Celebrate the Transition of Venus
  • Observed from South Africa on 8 June 2004; B.G. Elmegreen
  • Caption for Colour plates
  • The 16 colour plates
  • List of Participants

Kluwer Academic Publishing, 2004, 874 S.
213,93 Euro
ISBN: 978-1-4020-2861-8

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