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Raymond Ghirardi, Isabelle Sourbes-Verger, Fernand Verger
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Space
Missions, Applications, and Exploration

Since the launch of Sputnik in 1957, over 8000 satellites and spacecraft have been launched from over 30 countries, costing hundreds of billions of dollars. Over 350 people have made the incredible journey beyond our atmosphere and we all benefit in countless ways from the use of space.

This unique Encyclopedia aims to give a global perspective of our occupation and use of space, whether scientific, industrial, commercial, technical or military. After setting the stage by describing the space environment, orbits and ground tracks, launchers and launch sites, the authors go on to discuss the main space applications (telecommunications, navigation and Earth observation, military), plus science missions, planetary exploration and space stations.

The wealth of full-colour illustrations make all the information highly accessible, resulting in an invaluable source for everyone interested in our use of space, and the perfect reference book for those working in, or studying, the space arena.

Table of Contents
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • List of figures
  • 1. The environment of outer space
  • 2. Orbits
  • 3. Ground tracks
  • 4. The occupation of space
  • 5. Launchers and launch sites
  • 6. Political and economic aspects
  • 7. Near-Earth science missions
  • 8. Exploration beyond geocentric orbit
  • 9. Earth observation
  • 10. Telecommunications
  • 11. Military applications
  • 12. Man in space
  • Bibliography
  • Internet sites
  • Index.


"This is an essential addition to any library for senior school age pupils."

Cambridge University Press, 2003, 428 S.
53,70 Euro
Hardcover, w. numerous figs.
ISBN: 978-0-521-77300-3

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