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Brumby, St. P.
AIP Conference Proceedings Vol.499
Small Missions for Energetic Astrophysics, Ultraviolet to Gamma-Ray
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Burgess, C.; Dubbs, Ch.
Animals in Space
From Research Rockets to the Space Shuttle
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Colangeli, L. ; Mazotta Epifani, E.; Palumbo, P.
Astrophysics and Space Science Library
The New ROSETTA Targets: Observations, Simulations and Instrument Performances
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Brinckmann, E. (Hrsg.)
Biology in Space and Life on Earth
Effects of Spaceflight on Biological Systems
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Harland, D. M.
Cassini at Saturn - Huygens Results
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Matloff, G. L.
Deep-Space Probes
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Moyer, Th. D.
Formulation for Observed and Computed Values
of Deep Space Network Data Types for Navigation
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Crosby, N.
Interplanetary Travel and Space Weather
Scientific, Technological and Biological Issues
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Harland, D. M.
Jupiter Odyssey
The Story of NASA's Galileo Mission
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Imbriale, W. A.
Large Antennas of Deep Space Network
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Scherer, K. ; Fichtner, H. ; Heber, K.; Mall, U.
Lecture Notes in Physics
Space Weather - The Physics Behind a Slogan
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Ulivi, P.
Lunar Exploration
Human Pioneers and Robotic Suveyors
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Barratt, M. (Hrsg.); Pool, S. (Hrsg.)
Principles of Clinical Medicine for Space Flight
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Harvey, B.
Russian Planetary Exploration
History, Development, Legacy and Prospects
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Ferris, T.
Seeing in the Dark
How Backyard Stargazers Are Probing Deep Space and Guarding Earth from Interplanetary Peril
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Pelt, M. v.
Space Invaders
How Unmanned Spacecraft Have Explored the Universe for Us
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Clement, G.
Space Technology Library
Fundamentals of Space Medicine (w. CD-ROM)
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Shayler, D. J.; Burgess, C.
Springer Praxis Books in Space Exploration
NASA's Scientist-Astronauts
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Oberg, J.
Star-Crossed Orbits
Inside the U.S.-Russian Space Alliance
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Codignola, L. (Hrsg.); Schrogl, K. (Hrsg.)
Studies in Space Policy Vol. 1
Humans in Outer Space - Interdisciplinary Odysseys
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Lukaszczyk, A. (Hrsg.); Mathieu, Ch. (Hrsg.); Schrogl, K. (Hrsg.)
Studies in Space Policy Vol. 2
Threats, Risks, and Sustainability - Answers by Space
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Beech, M.
The Creating of Habitable Worlds
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Russell, Ch. (Hrsg.)
The STEREO Mission
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Harland, D. M.
Water and the Search for Life on Mars
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